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Water fowl

Located on the world famous North Platte River of Western Nebraska our water fowl hunts take place along one of the top flyways in the country to hunt Ducks and Geese. Our group of experienced guides and river dogs will put you on the birds while you sit back and relax in our heated pits in both corn fields and river accreation.  Bring a group of friends for a day hunt or a corporate retreat for the whole weekend.


Thank you for choosing to hunt with Power Morning Hunting Company for your Waterfowl hunt here in Western Nebraska.  Your hunt will take place in one of our seven heated goose pits and duck blinds that run along the famous North Platte River Valley.  With one of the highest concentrated flyways in the United States we have birds scouted everyday so that our clients have the best chance for a great shoot.

This is a guided 4-7 on 1 client to guide Pit/Blind hunts in scouted prime locations where the ducks and geese will be feeding after coming off their river roost.  A typical hunting day will consist of early morning wakeups where you will be able to warm up the pit or help the guides set up the decoy spreads prior to shooting light.  Once we are set up we serve breakfast on our Campchef stoves while the birds are starting to move.  Our professional guides will perform all the calling and make the call to take the birds once they are set the best for every hunter to shoot.